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With Cardiff a Half seeming along time ago, all thoughts now turn to what next. I took it easy for a couple of weeks post Cardiff. Felt like everything had been building to that this year, so a rest for body and mind was needed. It was great, nice to have a beer and not worry about the run the next day and even turning up to training quite fresh. Forgot how good it felt just smashing out a session and then resting for a few days. I know I’m not exactly a high mileage person at the best of times, but it’s all relevant. 

So now the next target is the ultra. Ages away, months and months. But then today I read a beginners ultra plan started last week. Oops, I’m certainly in that group. I’m intrigued and little nervous at how I’m going to handle going from battling my way around 13.1 to completing 32 ish. If it was easy everyone would be doing it. That will be my mantra. I’ve started upping the frequency and mileage slightly now. Bike/run commutes are back alternating the activity over two days and they will eventually turn to run/run commutes. 

In all the excitement of not running I’ve also signed myself up for a second ultra, just in case the first doesn’t kill me. 42 miles Brecon to Cardiff. What’s another 10 miles I thought, I can run 10 easily. How hard can it be? I know I will soon understand the pain. As with all my running, a goal has been set. 9min miling average is what I want to go for in both ultras. 

Lots of off road will be a great help I think. Handy way to build up strength and done resolve to running in tough conditions. Gwent League XC providing the perfect opportunity. Decent middle of the pack finishes in both the first two races. Bridgend was a treat, no rain, no mud no wind. Gorgeous day and a very gentle introduction to the season. Cardiff was back to the norm, rain for days leading up, slippy patches, trees and struggling from lap 2. Both great fun and good to be there. Coming next will be the Welsh XC relays, something a bit different but hopefully a lot of team fun. Going to get my first longer run in tomorrow, aiming for about 10. Be the first time since Cardiff I’ve run that far and will take me over 50k for the week. First time in a while for that too. Everything coming back together at a nice relaxed pace.